Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A couple of paints...

Two painting studies, one is a simple colour study (there's a mountain fortress in the background, built into the side of the mountain) and the other is a basic lighting study, to try and understand reflected light and luminosity a bit better:


  1. dear Ken
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  2. こんにちは、Kenさん。見に来ました。

    Hi Ken!
    I find this site.I will now and then watch this site.

  3. ciao Ken
    thank you for your comment.If you wish you can link my blog and I already link yours.Yes I'm a storyboard artist,by the way.
    Check with company that develops computer games.Many of them looks for visual developer designer,an area where I think you are suitable:)

  4. Hi Ken-san
    Cool, This site is changing everytime. :)
    I hope you don't stop. And I think good from Bibi-san comments for you.



  5. Hi Ken-san
    This is Mayuko/becco.
    I agree with Bibi.
    And I want to watch your artworks more!

  6. hey ken! thanks i definitely don't mind!!

  7. Now you got me rethinking on how I approach sketches! I love the contrast and how you darken only a couple of patches.

    By the way, I learned of your blog via Animation Nation. Charles Z is kind!

    Keep up the amazing work!!

  8. What great moods you set with your colors! They look as though they are expressions in cool and warm techniques.

    By the way, your stuff is waaaayy better than anything I could produce. Your shading is legendary!

    Thanks for the comment! I'm happy to see someone inspired.